Thursday, 8 April 2010


I started thinking about making different dolls. I found some linen in my drawer and worked out a pattern for the body. The only patterns I use are ones I have designed myself. I like the things I make to be totally my own creations. I decided to use some lovely rare breed fleece (which had been thoroughly washed and prepared using eco friendly wool wash) for the hair. I free machine embroidered the face.

This was the result! I decided she was to be a ballet dancer.... hence Anna Pogglova.... although my son's fiance liked her 'porny' image and thought she looked more like a lap dancer. Cheek!

I made her a skirt from some silvery grey organza and knitted her a luxury top from mohair and crocheted an edging with some hand dyed Colinette yarn. She wears a lovely handmade lampwork glass pendant which tones in beautifully with her top.
I couldn't wait to make another Pogglova and the following day started on version two.

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  1. She's fabulous, I love her clothes, shame they don't come in adult sizes!