Sunday, 20 June 2010

My first and possibly last craft fair!!!

Felted wool egg cosies

                             Felted wool bunny

Juliette manning our stall, waiting for the crowds to pour in and buy our lovely goods!

For several weeks I've been so busy making things for my first craft fair. I was very worried that I wouldn't have enough to fill the table but in fact I had more than enough. I shared a table with a young friend, Juliette who makes lovely, original cards. A friend, Ruth, came to help us.

Sold.... one bag and one Pogglemonster. Profit £4!!! To be fair though we soon realized it wasn't really a craft fair. Someone at a table nearby was selling very colourful imported African baskets ideal for the beach at £20 - £30. Most people converged on her stall, bought a basket and didn't bother to look at other stalls. Everywhere you looked there were women with baskets over their shoulder!!! The seller obviously did very well.... I just hope that the Africans got a fair deal for their handy work!