Monday, 31 May 2010

Old bear!

Digging around at the bottom of a wardrobe that we use to store things in, I came across a teddy bear that I made for my eldest son well over thirty years ago! He was a little the worse for wear and a bit moth eaten. I did a repair job on him, gave him a bath and hey presto.... almost as good as new - except he doesn't much like his new nose. I couldn't find any black wool so used embroidery thread. It doesn't look right so I'll buy some wool and redo it. I'm sure he'll feel happier and maybe won't look so grumpy!

Deep in the depths of the wardrobe I also came across Orinoco the Womble I made for my younger son. He also needs a bath and has lost his hat which I made from my 60's red PVC raincoat but has borrowed one of my husbands which fits him beautifully.

Friday, 28 May 2010

A gardener's nightmare..... but I love it!

I like to think my garden is a bit of me.... unconventional, free spirited (with a few wild elements), and for many people, difficult to fathom! No way am I an orderly person and my garden is no orderly garden. I thought I'd share some photos.

More Pogglebunnies


I'm doing my first craft fair next month so I'm really busy making creatures! These were supposed to be bunnies but my husband says they look more like cats. They've turned out quite tall! Over 60cms... their legs seem to grow longer and longer! I've attached their arms with buttons to make them moveable.

The purple Pogglepussy is for a friend's baby granddaughter Iris. I've stitched the arms to the body on this one so that it's totally baby friendly.

Lots more ideas whizzing around in my head as I'm watching the weeds flourishing in the garden!!!

Monday, 17 May 2010

Yet another cushion!

I started making a collage picture but it just didn't work. I was so disappointed....  folded it and put it away in the drawer. A little later I took it out again and pondered. This is what I came up with!

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Anastasia completed!

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Another Pogglova


Got up feeling really despondent thinking I have to make something that makes me feel happy.... another quirky Pogglova. I've used heavy cottn/linen fabric.... machine embroidered face and garden twine for her hair. I have to make the rest of her now - not sure what clothes to make yet but thinking about very simple, natural fabrics.

I've also simplified my previous Pogglova's clothing.  Much more natural and more basic. I prefer them this way.

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

A Poggle bag

Today I made a child's Poggle bag.  I've used a darkish pink cord fabric and lined it with a plain pink cotton. I've now removed the decorative buttons.... thought it was too bitty!

Friday, 7 May 2010


I love making bags.  Not made one for a while but have some ideas for summer bags... just need time!


I've not done any beading for a while but still have lots of beads and findings. I love handmade lampwork beads and actually did a course a few years ago with Barbara Mason at The Old Kennels at Dunkeswell, Devon. They run courses in the most wonderful crafts in beautiful surroundings. I loved it so much but couldn't really afford the equipment necessary to continue making my own beads so bought beads from other lampwork artists to make my jewellery.

I made this bracelet as a prize for a Wear It Pink Day competition for a breast cancer charity.

Thursday, 6 May 2010


Thrilled with my Moo cards which arrived today.

Monday, 3 May 2010

New makes....

I'm really enjoying making my Poggle Pillows and Cuddle Cushions. I've had several orders from pics posted on my Facebook page and some really good feedback.

I've also made some 'Poggle Pals' from small pieces of fabric. They are padded with good quality toy filler. very squidgy and just the right size for little hands. They also have a hanging loop and can be used as a decoration. The appliqued figures on the pillows and cushions are based on my Poggle dolls. I have plans to make appliqued Poggle bags and Poggle bunting.... just need lots more time!!!


We adopted Bella just over two years ago from the Labrador Rescue Trust. She was then 10 years old. Her owners circumstances changed and they could no longer keep her. She is now just gone 12 but is still very active and loves her walks through the fields nearby. She also, given the opportunity, loves to sneak off into the allotments nearby to find some obnoxious smelling thing dumped on a compost heap to roll in!!! Luckily there's a river nearby. Bella hates being photographed but I managed to take a couple of pics of her this afternoon.

.... not to forget 'His Lordship' Baxter!