Monday, 31 May 2010

Old bear!

Digging around at the bottom of a wardrobe that we use to store things in, I came across a teddy bear that I made for my eldest son well over thirty years ago! He was a little the worse for wear and a bit moth eaten. I did a repair job on him, gave him a bath and hey presto.... almost as good as new - except he doesn't much like his new nose. I couldn't find any black wool so used embroidery thread. It doesn't look right so I'll buy some wool and redo it. I'm sure he'll feel happier and maybe won't look so grumpy!

Deep in the depths of the wardrobe I also came across Orinoco the Womble I made for my younger son. He also needs a bath and has lost his hat which I made from my 60's red PVC raincoat but has borrowed one of my husbands which fits him beautifully.


  1. We found a couple of cabbage patch kids and a care bear!! I love your grumpy bear!

  2. I still have my teddy from when I was born... needless to say that after *cough* years it is looking VERY sorry for itself... grubby and extremely thin... maybe time for it to have some TLC... Teddy Loving Care!