Wednesday, 21 April 2010


Many years ago, I trained as a teacher specializing in Art and Craft. I've always loved children's art and tried to encourage creativity in every child I taught, but especially in my own children. A few weeks ago I came across this wall hanging which my children made in 1981. We were living in Eerbeek, a village in The Netherlands at that time. I remember my children and their friends sprawled on the wooden floor of our house having a wonderful time with fabrics, glue, scissors, paints, wool and anything else they could find, creating colourful collages, paintings, teddy bears and lots of other things.

Last year my older son gained his MA in Creative Writing at UEA and is currently working on his first novel.

This is a potrait of his father by my younger son who would probably say that he hasn't a creative bone in his body. I love it even though it is now covered in splodges!

Finally I have to post this photo of my boy Baxter in his favourite place. I have always owned labradors and they have never been allowed on the sofa! This one has a mind of his own! He is a four year old puppy (the vet says he'll be a puppy till he's at least nine.) Baxter was adopted from The Labrador Rescue Trust three years ago. He loves everyone.... adults, children, babies, other dogs - not too keen on cats though.


  1. Seeing the wonderful collage reminds of all the creative art activities that you used to do at school. When I took over your class, I had a lot to live up to....and failed miserably!! Here I am, more years on than I care to count, and you still fill me with admiration.....more power to your elbow, Lynne!! x

  2. Your comment brought tears to my eyes Penny. Happy memories. Thank you so much xx